logoWelcome to Wolf Creek Farms, Lubbock's Original Salad Farm

Celebrating 10 years growing for Lubbock and West Texas!

Wolf Creek Farms has been owned and operated by the Kuhlemeier Family since 2010 on an acre and a half in West Lubbock County, Texas.

Having been established during one of the worst years of drought known in meteorological history in West Texas, Wolf Creek Farms is using tried and true organic methods with some developing means to use as little chemical (none on produce/herbs/fruit), with an eye on land and water conservation, wildlife consideration and using practices to get the most produce from the smallest spaces.

We grow year around, focusing on a wide range of salad mixes, herbs, fruits and other vegetables suitable for your family's table, or your restaurant's offerings.

WCF is critter and bee friendly, and use heirloom seed, primarily. WCF avoids GMO's, but we will grow natural hybrids from time to time. 

Welcome to locally grown, Texas proud Wolf Creek Farms.  We look forward to getting to know you, and provide the best we can for your table.

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