Wolf Creek Farm Visits

Wolf Creek Farms encourages our customers, farm enthusiasts and local food advocates to visit our operations.  We love to share our knowledge, gain new perspectives and allow our customers the chance to see that we practice what we preach.  We no longer offer our farm store.  Instead, we encourage all those interested in our products, and products from other West Texas farms and producers to drop by Juicy Lucy's Farmers Pantry and pick up our produce and/or our breads!

Wolf Creek Farms would like to invite friends and neighbors from the Lubbock area to come out to the farm. Just call us at 806.853.7901 or email us and we will set an appointment that works for both parties.

Farm Volunteers

Yes, we do accept farm volunteers. We will also consider exchanging produce for your time. If you enjoy working amongst the fruits of the land, or like to be around nature, please feel free to give us a call or contact us to talk further.  Also, look for our classes through the Farmers Pantry for Urban Farming and practices to help small space farms and gardens.  Watch our calendar for the next classes (usually in the fall and winter).