We get a number of questions, and some are unique, and others...well, they are pretty common for us, and for local farmers like us.  Feel free to peruse, and maybe we will address yours.  If not, please feel free to contact us here, or call 806.853.7901 and ask your questions.

Where can we find your products?

We have a list of our markets and events here.  You can find both Wolf Creek Farms and Ravenshouse Bakery at these events.

Do you grow all your vegetables?

Simply put...we do.  While we may carry some of our friend's and neighbor's produce and products, we make sure to clearly mark, and state their products before we sell them to our customers.

Do you use chemicals?

We do not use any chemicals on our produce, and we do not grow anything that can't be eaten directly from vine, or immediately from harvest.  We work to maintan sustainable practices and avoid all use on man made compounds.

Are you a certified organic grower?

No, we aren't.  Living in West Texas amongst the cotton farms and the winds, we don't feel like the cost of certification is worth our time, nor do we think it makes sense to constantly worry about being shut down when the wind blows or the farms spray or crop dust.  We do make our best effort to avoid all chemical use, and man made additives.  We get as close to organic as we can legally say.

Do you use GMO seeds?

We use primarily organic seed. We only use GMO seed for specific customers that request it, and regardless of what type of seed used, all items are marked as to both how it was grown (non-chemical) and using what seed (heirloom, GMO or natural hybrid).

Would you grow crops or start seeds for a customer?

We are always willing to see what we can do for a customer.  We don't guarantee anything that we haven't had the experience to grow, first, but we will always make our best attempts to satisfy our customers and work for succesful long term relationships.

Do you take volunteers or offer internships or apprenticeship?

We don't work with internships or apprentices, but we are always willing to let volunteers come aboard and help. Contact us to find out how.

Can we come out and visit your farm?

We encourage you to do so.  We love guests and we want you to feel comfortable in what you purchase and consume from WCF.  Call us or send us an email, we will set a time for you to come by, or if the store is open, we are able to show you around the farm.