Wolf Creeks believes in growing great food, living sustainably and serving the customer...

At Wolf Creek Farms we believe that healthy, unaltered food should be available to all incomes, all households and all lifestyles.  We believe that we should provide the best quality, great tasting produce and useful products to improve our neighbors and friends lives.  We believe that we should grow all of our products free of synthetic additives, sell only natural foods and offer only the best for our friends and neighbors, while we smile, learn about the people we meet and take as much care to grow amazing relationships, as we do our plants, soil and the environment.

Wolf Creek Farms will work tirelessly to build strong, mutual relationships with others in our industry, because when one is solid, the whole industry benefits.  We will provide what we can, and find others that can fulfill our shortcomings.  We will offer our help, knowledge and effort to everyone that needs it.

Wolf Creek Farms is proud to be Texas based, West Texas centric and Lubbock friendly.  As long as we are able, we will provide our mission to our friends and neighbors with only one simple idea...we are all community.