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Fresh List

These are the items in season here at Wolf Creek Farms.  You can order these items and others for store or market pickup by clicking here.

Items For Your Table Commercial Bulk (5+ Lbs)
Gourmet Salad Mix $4.00 Yes
Premium Salad Mix $3.50 Yes
Spinach (Limited Availability) Varies After Feb 1
Microgreens (Sun Shoot, Pea Shoot, Buckwheat) $3.25-$5 Yes (14 days for most items)
Arugula 2.50 Yes
Radish Varies Yes (21-28 days)
Cilantro $2-$5 Yes
Basil $3 No
Cat Mint $1.50 No


Strawberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing (While in season) $7.50/$12 No
Wolf Creek Farm Homemade Laundry Soap $15 Yes
Baked Breads and Sweets (By Order Only) $3-$10 Yes (14 days)
Other Items To Come:    
Cherry Tomatoes (Many Varieties)    
Slicing Cucumbers    
Swiss Chard    

To order, call 806.853.7901.  Delivery available for added fee, unless under contract, unless arrangements have been made.  Bulk orders may require a delay, based on current inventory and contract requirements.

If you have a crop we can grow for your restaurant, food truck or special event, please contact us at 806.853.7901 to discuss.  Half deposit required for all new clients, growing periods may vary.

*-Our Products can also be found on Juicy Lucy's Mobile Farmers Pantry (see Facebook page for times and locations), and at the Wolfforth Farmers Market during their market hours.

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