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Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

Finally....Ripe Tomatoes

 2014 has been an odd tomato year.  We planted our first starts in April, had a freeze that knocked out a few, then 13 inches of rain in 14 days that claimed a few more.

"That's okay.", I thought.  "I'll just hold on to the plants we have left, because they'll surely give us a return on investment."

After weeks, and weeks of watching blooms, small fruit, damaged red fruit from the few we were getting, I was contemplating pulling the plants and redirecting the beds for late summer and fall plantings.  They just weren't doing much, and besides a few green tomatoes, we just didn't have anything to sell.

Then, as I'm pulling the pepper plants in the same bed, I realized that we had a lot of fruit on the plants, and what was this?  There were many that were ripe!

Now, in August, we are starting to see the patience pay off.  The cherry tomato, Celebrity, Beefsteak and the new non-GMO Purple Cherokee heirlooms are all starting to produce in high rates with reasonable fruit.

My father used to have a sign in his office at his store when I was growing up that had two buzzards on a tree limb talking to one another that said, "Patience, my ass.  I'm gonna kill something."  Funny...I felt the same with this tomato crop.

I've pulled more weeds, and hand picked enough bugs that I was feeling a little defeated.  But something told me not to give up.  I'm glad I didn't.  We are now starting to pick some pretty good looking and delicious ripe tomatoes, and we will also be picking a nominal amount of green tomato for sale.

Come see Wolf Creek Farms and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  They've been a LONG time coming!


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