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Monday, 31 December 2018 07:38

Salad Mixes For Your Table

Wolf Creek Salad MixOur featured products all revolve around our salad mixes.  We aren't called the "Original Salad Farm" for nothing. 

What's different about WCF Salad Mixes?

Well, we start by growing with organic practices (no chemical, no man made additives), and then we cut and process by hand, not by machine or computer.  Also, we harvest and package all in one day, and our products make a direct line to markets and customers. 

WCF salad mixes are guaranteed for 28 days from packaging, and we won't even ask why you weren't satisfied, just offer your money back, or a replacement product.

Wolf Creek salads are rinsed, cold washed, dried and packaged on property, meeting FSMA guidelines instituted by the State of Texas.  There aren't any chemicals added at any point whether during growing, harvesting or processing.  We don't use chlorine to wash our products, but instead a vinegar solution that is as effective to clean and sanitize our cut salad mixes.We don't spray with anything to maintain our shelf life, but instead we harvest within 48 hours of delivery or market sales to ensure the freshest products (it's even fresher when you buy it in store on property at WCF).

So, when you're craving a salad, count on the Original.  Wolf Creek Farms!

Click here to buy today for pickup on farm or at markets!

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