We do sell directly to restaurants, caterers and food trucks.  Here are a few details:

The Wolf Creek Farms Direct Sales Program

WCF will sell directly to a restaurant, local food truck and caterers.  We offer some specific items that are available at most, if not all, times of the year, and we can make arrangements for specialty crops specifically for you.  We are also a member of the West Texas Growers and Producers Association, where we provide many listings in the WTGPA's Offer Sheets.

We specialize in lettuce, lettuce mix, spinach, arugula, rainbow chard, kale, certain edible herbs, carrots and beets.  We also can grow tomato, cucumber, pepper, squashes, and some other main dish crops.

Our specialty crops can be grown as small amounts, or in larger quantities, but we require the buyer to purchase seed and secure a deposit.

To find out more, please contact WCF by email, here, or by calling 806.853.7901 today.