Welcome to Ravenshouse Bakery at Wolf Creek Farms.

rhblogopngRavenshouse Bakery is home to artisan and hand crafted breads, straight from the farm.  We make it fresh, hot and ready to eat, and you can pick up our breads at any of the markets that WCF attends or you can order directly by emailing here or calling 806.370.0695.

Some of the breads we specialize in are our signature Italian Herb Bread, the Honey Buttermilk Boule, French Baguettes, Braided Egg Bread and homemade Garlic Knots.  We also offer seasonal breads, and will custom bake special orders.

Come on out and see us at any of the area Farmers Markets, or check out the Farmers Pantry throughout the year, where we take our breads, hot and ready, and make them available year around!  You can find out where we will be and when by clicking our calendar.

Thanks for supporting local foods and local dreams.

The Menu

  • Italian Herb Loaf

    Italian Herb Loaf

    Artisan white bread with a crunchy outside and soft inside, coated in fresh herbs and olive oil. Perfect as a
    $8.00 Offered at markets, Farmers Pantry and by order.
  • Focaccia


    $8.00 Available at Market, Farmers Pantry and by order.
  • French Baguette

    Traditional french bread made hot and fresh.
    $5.00 Available at Markets, Farmers Pantry, by order.
  • Baked Donuts

    Baked Donuts

    Many types of flavors, made specifically for your family, group or office. Flavors like maple bacon, chocolate, funfettie and more!
    $2 each. $4-$5 box of 4. Available at Market, Farmers Pantry and by order.
  • Garlic Knots

    Garlic Knots

    Artisan made garlic knots using fresh local garlic, coated in butter and packaged in groups of 8.
    $5.00 Available at markets, Farmers Pantry and for order.
  • Honey Buttermilk Boulle

    Honey Buttermilk Boulle

    Sweet bread with a chewy exterior and soft sweet center.
    $8.00 Offered at markets, Farmers Pantry and by order.
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